The Multicells HF Horns

I know that tweeters is a lost subject and it is hard to talk about tweeters with audio people. Everyone understand tweeters differently, primary in context of this systems or even more correctly in context of this frustrations with thier current tweeters. Im not an exception from those rules. I tend to use talented midranges and I do not anticipate tweeter to do a lot. It is know that I have a bias to vintage tweeters with plastic diaphragms but here is not a conversation about the tweeters but rather about the tweeter waveguide.

I wrote before in the article Problems with horns: tweeters that I like wide dissipation tweeters, and considering that I use them way above 10kHz I would love to have a dissipation pattern as large as possible, 180 degree is better then 120 degree. Despite that I do have a tweeters about which I feel very comfortable but there is one tweeter direction where I would look with qureacity.

I heard a few times large 18 sections multicell midranges and it is not that I liked them but it was kind of fascinating effect, and particularly in far-filed. Altec has a number of 1803 sand-filed versions and I know Vitavox and RCA did the similar. They were huge, heavy. and sort of mid-rangy but I wonder what would be if to apply the same concept to a tweeter?
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I can see a 1:10 scale model of the 1803B, perhaps no more then 8–10 of total width having 7–8 sells per each of 3–4 rows. It might be a hall of the job to maintain the correct profiles of the sells within this size built if someone would do I would defiantly go for it and would try what happen. Did anyone have seen of heard any attempts in this direction?

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Romy, have you not seen the Duevel horns? 360 dispersion.
Not sure I spelled that correctly; I might be thinking of the beer...

It's easier than 48 or 64 tweeters arranged multicells fashion:-O



Sure, I heard, they always sound quite awful and they are an illustration of a wishful but wrong thinking. First of all their tweeter are curved (!!!) into. something that could be only theoretically called a horn. What was in the mind of a designer who decided to put a 90-degree curve into the tweeter wave path I have no idea!
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Second of all I am not interested in 360-degree radiation and I feel it would be a mistake to go there. I would go for 180-degree or perhaps 200-degree max.

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